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I must say that living in Kerrville is quite a wonderful experience. We enjoy a very relaxed lifestyle which makes this area a destination of choice for many retirees. Kerrville is only an hour away from San Antonio for those who want an occasional taste of city life. If you want relief from the daily hustle and bustle of a big city, this is the place for you. All the people I have met here have been a real joy. Walking into a store, you’ll get “Good morning” or “Hi, may I help you”. Kerrville is very friendly!
My husband (Ralph  R. English)  is retired military and has traveled all over the world. His family lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We were very happy to pick the beautiful Texas “Hill Country” as our final destination. My youth was spent in North Carolina and was filled with extra-curricular activities and organizations centered around family, church and school. I graduated from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science Degree. I have 24 graduate hours of study. I taught elementary school for 13 years in Tennessee. I moved to Arlington, VA and I returned to school and studied accounting. Before moving to Kerrville, I was a legal administrator for 10 years with the Tampa law firm of Salem, Saxon & Nielsen,PA. Most clients feel I have found my niche in real estate sales. I love to spend time with my family, traveling, painting (oils), gardening and playing golf. I thank God for my family, friends, good health and great business. Give me a call. I’d love to help you!


     Mary Fletcher
   I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, with one older and one younger
   sister.     My mother worked in an office and my dad became a fireman
   at nineteen. Through the experience of being the oldest of eight children on a farm and a lot of responsibility, he had to grow up quick.  He became the Chief of mechanics and took care of all the fire equipment and the iron lungs for the polio patients. That is where I learned my work ethic and compassion for others. He taught me to enjoy life as he was the bass angler of the year and had lots of friends.
In school I was very involved in all types of sports which taught me that hard work and perseverance pays off.  
After high school I went Phillips University and graduated with a BS degree in Business and Religious Education. After my marriage I spent two years in Wyoming working at the State Library. 
We moved to Houston, TX. and opened a Christian bookstore.  We operated it for 25 years and it grew to be one of the top stores in sales in the US. We had as many as 25 employees. After retiring from the bookstore I took care of my mother for the next 10 years until she went to her reward. 
We then decided to leave the Houston area and we looked all over the hill country and fell in love with Kerr County. As soon as we could we sold out and moved here and we love everyday of our lives here.  We tell our friends that we are in Gods country.
My husband and I have started in the real estate business. We work together in all  our endeavors. We would be proud to assist you to fulfill your dreams in any way we can. Just give us a call and we will do our very best in your behalf.
                     Larry Fletcher
      I am the fifth of 12 children born and raised on a dry land cotton farm
      in western Oklahoma during the mini dust bowl of the 1950’s. Though
      poor we  all worked and our lives were full and the farm provided our food. Living in those times taught us the value of hard work, sharing and honesty. I am married to Mary and we have 6 children and 16 grandchildren.
My parents made sure we were all educated at least through high school. After high school I joined the U.S. Navy which was a great eye opener as to the rest of the world. I was trained as a Radarman and  achieved the rank of E5. I spent two tours and over two years in the Viet Nam war zone which gave me the chance to visit many countries and see how blessed I was to be from America.
After my discharge from the Navy I joined the Oklahoma City Fire Department achieving the rank  of Major where I was the station officer. After thirty years, which many were on the rescue squad I retired. I felt I had seen enough.
My son who lived in Kingwood was making his 2nd tour to Afghanistan and I moved to Houston to help his family. There I met Mary and soon we decided that Houston was not the place for us. We made a few trips to check out the hill country and fell in love with the hills of Kerr County.
My life has been spent doing and helping others through my service to country. The things I experienced has shown me the importance of honesty and hard work. For a few years now I have been an ordained minister which also lets me help others.
My goal is to help you sell or find the property that suits your needs, desires, lifestyle and means. Just give me a call and we will do our best to meet your goals.
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     Don Robinett

I’m a true Texas native and those are hard to find these days.  I grew up in Red River County (which is North East Texas).  I married my childhood sweetheart, Margie,  in 1948 and we have two grown children who also reside in Texas.   We moved to Kerrville in 1952 and I was employed by the VA Hospital in 1953 and worked there for 33 years.  My education came mainly through my years in the Army serving as a medic. I joined the Army when I was seventeen years old.   After leaving the Army,  I then served in the Air Force Reserves for approx. 10 or 12 years.   For my leisure time, I enjoyed playing softball and being in a bowling league.        I received my real estate sales license in 1962 and have been a REALTOR since that time.  You can say that I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate.  I have spent over 50 years listing and selling homes and land.    I love living and working in Kerrville and this is really the most beautiful part of the state, in my opinion.  I spend most of my time working and I look forward to helping you and meeting and exceeding your needs.        I don’t want all the clients out there, I just want you.  Please give me a call and lets put my experience to work for you.

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                     Dawn Kneese
“There’s no place like home..”

With each passing year comes a greater appreciation for this phrase.  Raised in Kerrville since 1979, now married with three kids I can’t imagine our family living anywhere else, what a blessed feeling to be able to call the hill country, home.  Having twenty years of customer service experience, I am confident my professional abilities will be helpful to you as you sell or find a new home. My goal for each new perspective client is to focus on getting to know what their needs are and taking care of them from beginning to end while making it a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. Client testimonials reflect their appreciation for my enthusiasm for the business and find it refreshing to have someone treat them as a relationship not a transaction.

And since actions speak louder then words, let me show you!